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My Pathway To SEO Enlightenment

Hi there, my name is Gary and I am the newest addition to the uBer SEO Manchester team.  Being a bit of a geek, I had grown up with the Spectrum 128k, along with the Commodore 64 and Amiga 500.  When Windows 95 came along, it was a revolution, and I soon got stuck into this amazing new OS.  When the first computer arrived, it was incredible. We’d upgraded from Windows 3.1 and a dot matrix printer and now had a machine with a whopping 4 gigabyte hard drive and 128MB RAM – and it flew!  I initially used the PC mainly to communicate with one of my best friends who was just leaving University and moving back home to Kent, and this is when I got introduced to ICQ.  I soon got involved with online chat, where I built up a family of online friends, and soon I was introduced to scripts – something that stopped me from looking quite the noob.  I then became heavily involved as a mod for one of the chatrooms – and this is back in the day of war-scripts, which contained packet attacks and DDOS etc, all of which are frowned upon heavily now.

Computers remained a hobby for me during my first few retail and warehouse jobs out of school – I never really thought that I would work with them full time, because of their regular ability to drive you up the wall (thanks Microsoft!) A few years later, however, and I was sick of retail and fast becoming depressed about my future career prospects.  After a particularly drunk and candid conversation with my best friend Aaron, I decided that I should put my skills to use and gain a qualification.  So I decided to invest £3500 into CompTia Technician and Network+ – via a home learning course, which took me nearly two years to complete.

Not long after gaining these qualifications, I met my partner who was living in Liverpool at the time, and I decided to take the plunge and come live with her.  Having struggled to find work of any value in the city, we eventually moved to Manchester where she would be attending university.  A job in a call centre was my first point of call, and luckily for me, within a few weeks they had learnt of my qualifications, and I was then bundled off to the IT department to help rejuvenate old PCs and laptops.  I then spotted a job as an eBay sales assistant for a company dealing in towbars and camping supplies.  I applied for, and got the job, and this is where I met Duncan for the first time.  Having initially been responsible for processing orders, I was soon taking on more responsibility, listing items, taking photo’s and dealing with enquiries.  Then they all noticed that I had an excellent phone manner – and although I was given plenty of stick for being ‘a soft southern fairy’  I was soon the one to be handling most of the calls, usually having to deal with disgruntled customers!

Duncan and I hit it off pretty much straight away – I had come into a small, fairly quiet team, and Duncan, God love him, is many things but quiet is not one of them.  Within a couple of hours on my first day we are hurling banter back and forth like nobody’s business, and little did I know that Duncan already had plans for me.  Already known as a grammar nazi to my work colleagues, Duncan decided to test me by getting me to write a few articles for him.  This is when I realised SEO was the right path for me to take, writing articles came relatively easy to me and I was intrigued as to how my articles were directly related to the page rank of whichever site they appeared on.  I came onboard in a far busier capacity when I essentially became Keith’s right-hand man.

He would send me a stack of article titles, and I would bash them out, whilst posting articles of my own on various blogs.  Keith is one of the nicest guys I have met during my time in Manchester, and paired with Duncan and Ujjwal, I am pleased to be invited to be part of this close-knit group.  I used to feel like I was kind of hanging onto the coat-tails of others, being the latest person on board but the way I have been treated and taught by the other guys I know this is not the case and I really am a valued member of the team.  My girlfriend often calls Duncan my hairy angel – the man has infused me with so much of his own enthusiasm, I really do feel like I can push my skill set onwards and eventually help him in his quest to dominate the internet.  With such a huge library of resources, I am usually to be found trawling websites and reading anything I can to learn about the ever-evolving world of SEO.  I don’t think I could be better placed either, uBer SEO Manchester is a perfect mix of good friends, hard work and reward.

Duncan’s foot note : Hooah Gary :D

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