Google Android Running Away With Market

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Google Android Running Away With Mobile and Tablet Market

Google Android Massive Success With Over 500,000 Activations  A Day, Leaving Apple In The Dust

Google Android cleaning up on smart phone tablet market

We are crushing the smart phone tablet market activations

Google’s Android boss, Andy Rubin, just announced that an amazing  500,000 new Android-powered phones and tablets are being activated each day worldwide.More amazing, is teh fact that this number is rising at around 4% per week.

This put Google in the driving seat and leaves Apple in the dust.

In the first quarter of 2011, Apple sold just 19 million iPhones, generating a daily activation rate of about 210,000.

If iPad and iPod touch activations are added into the sum that gives Apple around 330,000  activations a day, This figure has more than likely risen since then as Apple are experiencing strong iPad sales. The figure will now have risen quiet significantly but is probably well short of the 500,000 a day figure.

Why does it matter who is dominating the smart phone and tablet OS market?

As the amount of time on the web via mobile access is increasing ( around 28% first quarter ) The mobile platform is becoming more and more important. A mass of  developers are now building applications to run just on mobile platforms think the Apple app market, these apps add extra value to the user and keep the engaged for longer. If Android becomes the dominant mobile OS then more and more developers wil swith there efforts to building Android apps as this si where the greatest market share is. Googles Android platform is doing exactly the same as what Microsoft’s Windows did in the 1990s, Apple will get increasingly marginalized, and eventually iOS’s value as a platform will decrease in value and appeal.

Apple has it appears learned from its past mistakes and understands the need to be competitive on price. iPhones and iPads cost the same or less than Android counterparts, which is helping Apple maintain its market share (even as Android extends its global lead).

Apple also has another large advantage that it didn’t have in the 1990s:  Currently Android is  a “fragmented” platform, with many different versions and customizations. Google is moving to restrict the amount of customization that its hardware partners can do, but the current fragmentation of different versions of the platform is still creating huge problems for developers, These means they have to build every app for all the different version (developers link uniformity –write once, run everywhere).

Reports are starting to come out that Apple intends to make the iPhone 3 available for free this will help capture more pay as go users and will no doubt turn out to be a a very smart move.

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