Google+ Outpaces Facebook,Twitter,MySpace

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Google+ Out paces Facebook,Twitter,MySpace To Hit 25 Million Users

Its been around 8 weeks since Google launched it’s new social network, Google+, Some industry experts are predicting this was a make or break for the future growth and continued market dominance Google has over the Internet or more importantly over Internet advertising revenue. With the Internet shifting from the current document based web to the new social web Google needs to gain its own social graph in order to remain in the game.

One of the key indicators being monitored to gage how well Google + is doing is to monitor how fast the site attracts and gains certain milestones of  members numbers. When Facebook was launched the bench marks were sites like Myspace and Bebo, Google + has attracted over twenty five million users in less than a month, this number according to comcast stats. Reaching this milestone Google + has become the fastest  growing website to reach this milestone out pacing both Twitter and Facebook.

Compare the one month timescale to the fact that Facebook took nearly three years, Myspace almost two and half years and Twitter took again around two and half years. If reaching the twenty five million members was a measure of success then Google plus is the hands down winner. Of Google plus users around 6.6 million came from the US closely followed by around 3.8 million members from India, this shows how much Internet access in India is growing and how switched on India has become.

Not On Dry Land Yet.

However simply reaching this milestone a lot faster than the other network is not a clear sign that Google’s adventures into social networks will ultimately succeed. If any indication of this was needed just look at the decline and fall from grace that is Myspace, once the titan of the Internet this site has lost even more members in the last 12 months than at any point in its decline, Myspace is no longer considered cool.

Long term success for any social network can only be gaged by the amount of time users spend on the network , in the US alone in June 2011 over 800 lifetimes of time were spent on the Facebook site alone, this creates lots and lots of advertising potential, For me at the minute I probably login into my Google plus account once every 3 days,comparing this to my Facebook usage which is perhaps five to six times a day , with constant updates to my smart phone on posts friends posts message etc my actually engagement is probably somewhere near the twenty to thirty times a day.

So the first real obstacle Google must overcome now is to get people engaging with each other. I was lucky to get one of the first waves of invites to join Google Plus, but on first joining it felt akin to walking around a brand new mega shopping centre but with no shops.

Google implemented features that would make it stand out from the other social networks , video chats being the one that springs to the front of my mind. facebook response was almost immediate, with Mark Zuckerberg announcing at a press conference Facebook was working on something big to be released the following week , we predicted a Skype based video chat system and a week later Facebook confirmed this, it was the only real logical thing that facebook would be launching even more so when you consider that Facebook and Microsoft ( who now owns Skype ) joined forces to take on Google.

Google Gets Interactive

Google announced it was rolling out API to allow developers to build games for the site, Me personally I hope Google sees the potential in gaming and hooks up with someone like EA games and introduces games more like APB or Battlefield rather than the current crap iFramed games on offer on Facebook , surely this would prove to be a winner attracting thousands if not millions of gamers from potentially only one big title.

Its this creating of more interactivity, whether it comes from gaming or friends communicating that will make Google plus a destination that users return to again and again.

The Biggest Challenge

Google’s biggest challenge is to now keep the visitors it has attracted after the initial buzz has passed, most of the buzz was created around the limited amount of invites to the network, with the much documented closing of access to new members due to overwhelming demand incident that created lots and lots of chatter across the net.   When the buzz dies down and Google plus isn’t the newest craze then the interaction needs to be good enough to hold users and keep them engaged which in turn will lead to even more people signing up, I remember joining Facebook after my cousin sent me an email inviting me to join , I had of course heard of Facebook but just never bothered.

Achieving this  quality of the interaction will determine if Google plus is to become the new Facebook or MySpace, and succeed in its need to build its own social graph, which will ultimately help maintain Google’s ongoing dominance of the Internet.

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