Google plus launched to rival Facebook

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Insane Demand for invite requests to Google+ social network.

Google closes invites to its Facebook-style social network after only only one day after launch, describing requests as “insane” levels of demand for the new service.

google+ Invites closed

Google has tried and failed at social networking before think Google wave, Google Buzz, ( whats that? yeah exactly ) Google it seems have finally decided enough is enough, with time spent on anywhere else on the web but Facebook dwindling , Google was starting to be left behind. Ony today Forbes magazine reported Mark Zuckerburgs personal wealth had surpassed that of the two Google founders. Google have habit of simply buying companies that create something they missed or didn’t think of first, think Youtube.
Its been apparent from the outset that Facebook would never be for sale as it s the most marketable advertising platform in the world and its influence is growing daily and ads being refined everyday. Google simply couldn’t afford to sit back and do nothing, May 2011 compared to May 2010 there $ 2.2 billion worth of less clicks on the Google ad words platform, ouch. So Google finally decided to bite the bullet and launch a Facebook of there own.
Google it seems to have grasped a killer marketing launch keeping it low profile much the same as when they launched there Gmail service. Each selected user was given around a dozen invites to share with friends and family, this was mainly to allow Google to test the social networking functionality of the site. On Wednesday the 30th Google handed out several thousand more invites following ” insane demand” for invites. However, the invitations were soon temporarily suspended. Google’s head of social, Vic Gundotra, said on the site: “We’ve shut down invite mechanism for the night. Insane demand. We need to do this carefully, and in a controlled way.”

Google last couple of ventures into social networking have failed miserably in the past, including Google Buzz and Google Wave,  the initial response to Google+ by the lucky few allowed access is that it will fare much better.

This is seen as the  most serious challenge to Facebook yet. Both social networking sites act in a similar way but Google+ uses  “circles” which makes it easier to differentiate between social groups and to filter information by audience. The Google Facebook page didnt even mention Google+ Hmm wonder why ? Google has stated Tuesday launch was just a small test and a much bigger unveiling isnt to far down the line. Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg announced today we are “launch something awesome” next week. Group video chat like that one of the so called killer features on Google+ ?

The launch of Google+ confirms a few things firstly ” The Social Web” is here to stay, also that Google doesnt intend just rolling over and not being the big kid on the block anymore at least without a fight.

The war for the Internet just got a lot more Social.

Click to register your interest in a Google + account now

New user signs ups how did Google plus do , in just 8 weeks

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