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I have been working in internet and computer field from last 6 years. After completing my bachelor in Computer Engineering from Tribhuvan University, Nepal in 2006, I started working as programmer in Software Company. Before that I did several projected as a part of course and the major project I did was a complete airlines system with an idea of integrating all the airlines into one platform. That was a big project based on JSP language.

During my job, I involved and built several custom CMS system mostly for organization and media houses. Most of these projects were based in php and smarty that gave me lots of new idea.In between I built and complete hotel management system for a star hotel based on PHP, MYsql, smary and AJAX. That project was complete hotel management system where a person can book his room online, check in hotel, use hotel facilities and all his activities be tracked in system and generate a complete report and bill in check out. That project also includes in-house inventory mgmt system. That project quickly turned into an effective tool and saved lots and man hours.

While I was working there, one day I was suddenly asked to work on an ecommerce site for a client called Duncan from overseas. This was a completely new experience for me, working with a person on chat ‘an unseen face’ and working on an ecommerce site. From that day, I started learning ecommerce basically ‘oscommerce’. The project was to build a mobile accessories ecommerce site but with loads of mods to meet the client requirements. But there was problem as the different mode we needed did not matching php version with main script. So I had to change each line of code manually.

I lived this project around the clock even while I was walking, cooking. Initially  it was daunting working only via chat and was a little hard to understand what Duncan was asking for, but in no time at all I felt like I had known the Duncan forever and we started to think along the same lines very quickly often guessing what the other was going to suggest next.  Finally completed that project successfully and delivered. After completing that project worked on several other os commerce projects with Duncan.

Was offered to work on another ecommerce site with Duncan on a new cart system called CS Cart, Duncan wouldn’t stop ranting on about how amazing this system was from an SEO point of view, and how “we ” were going to achieve great success for this new client he was working for. I remembered clearly the statement Duncan made ” We will succeed with this client no matter what it takes ” Duncan was working around the clock barely stopping to sleep and so was inspired to work similar hours, some days only getting around 5 -6 hours, I slept in the offices of my employer and took lunch breaks to match Duncans UK times.  Again this system was completely new for me. We were building a site for a company called PF Jones. I started learning the system as a programmer and from a designers point of view as I was helping the designer to understand how to redesign the skin.  By this point  ‘the client’ had turned into a good friend. Modified lots of scripts to suit the requirement, Duncan just kept coming up with new ideas to push the boundaries even further, this was the most intense project I had ever worked on and the initial build took around three to four months. In between, I applied for MSc in university of Greenwich,UK and came to UK.


After 2 3 months in uni, Duncan contacted me and came with a plan of starting our own business. We started working out on an ebay redesign the default ebay shop design. After more than one week on laptop from morning to evening I finally succeed in creating my first  ebay shop design.

Again we thought it will be very easier for ebay shop owner to if we make a tool that generates a listing template without need of any html or css knowledge and that template looks similar to shop front. I started working on that project and after one week of work I built a template generator that generates matching listing template. Even at that time, we haven’t met each other yet. And finally after nearly 6 years I went to Manchester on his special invitation and we meet each other. Up to this point we had never even seen a picture of each other met Duncan at Piccadilly Train station, he was late ( something I come to understand was a regular thing for Duncan ) Knew each other instantly although I think Duncan had the easier task of spotting someone from Nepal stood at the end of platform 7 looking lost  :D .

We built a team around the world and work together. I have been working together with Duncan for last 5 years, and I feel myself the luckiest person in the world to have a big brother like him who always encouraged me from the beginning whatever situation he is on and worked as the light in dark night to show me path to my destination. Thank you for guiding me in my hardest time of my life you’re the big brother I never had.

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